The Plan

2009 South East Asia trip

June 5th: Arrive in Bangkok!

June 5th-19th: Starfish volunteer program in Koh Tao, Thailand

June 20-30th: Get my open water diving certification, meander back up to Bangkok and do some sightseeing [Note: Never left Koh Tao. Whoops]

June 30th: TurtleDad and Turtle are tearfully and dramatically reunited in Bangkok for a day of whirlwind sightseeing before jetting off to…

July 1st-3rd: Explore Angkor, visit floating villages and sweat our butts off in Siem Reap, Cambodia

July 4th-6th: Get hopped up on the excitement of the capital of Cambodia- Phnom Penh

July 7th-9th: Kep, Cambodia

July 10th: Back home to NYC (assuming they can get me on the plane 😉 ) [Note: Didn’t go home. Whoops]

July 10th-19th: Straight back to Ko Tao

July 19-30th: extended Visa run with Mark to Malaysia!

July 30th: Back to NYC

2010 Caribbean Summer

May 15th: Arrive in Grand Cayman

July 26-August 9: Honduras


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