About the Turtle

Hi. This is me.

I started this blog to document my five-week trip to South East Asia the summer of 2009. I cried the night before I left, terrified of eating diner alone, getting lost in Bangkok, and having my camera stolen. There I fell head over heels in love with the adrenaline of travel, realized there were people out there truly living this nomadic lifestyle that I thought only existed in my head, and discovered that the aimless yearning and restlessness I had been feeling for years was suddenly quieted and peaceful. I had loved every one of my previous trips abroad, but this one was different. I accepted I’m never happier than when I’m on the road, and that’s when I pushed back my return, realized I was in love with not just travel but also my scuba diving instructor, and started plotting for Life After the Degree.

At the time I was just halfway through my four-year degree, so I headed back to New York, was soon joined by the scuba instructor, and then begun looking for our next island. After a lot of job applications and even more conversations about screwing all of it and heading back to Thailand, we settled on Grand Cayman, where Mark landed a lucrative deal as a scuba diving instructor and I found a working for a photographer, on land and under water. From Cayman we took a fantastic two week trip to Honduras so I could check a third Central American country off my list.

After this summer its nine more months until Life After the Degree. Plans are constantly bubbling up in my mind, and while I’m not ready to spill yet, I can assure you it will be big. Stick around and follow along for the biggest getaway yet!


3 responses to “About the Turtle

  1. I am worried you will lose the camera, your passport, credit card, debit card. It’s a Dad thing. Glad you arrived safely



  2. Looks good. Nice work!

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