When The Traveler Goes To Art School: La Red

Welcome back to my series sharing a little bit of what I’ve been up to for the past four years, other than globe-trotting. Big surprise! It’s dreaming about travel. Well, and getting my degree in graphic design. Combine the two and you get a portfolio full of wanderlust driven assignments.

When we were asked to create a Senior Project (kind of like a mini thesis for art school kids) around the word “migration” I thought of course of recreational migration, or travel. I was inspired by my recent trip to Honduras and also companies like Baz Bus in South Africa and Kiwi Experience in New Zealand which are hop on hop off bus services for backpackers stretching across an entire country.

I wanted to create one with a twist: La Red (the network in Spanish) is a social business, a company designed to address a social objective, where profits are reintegrated within the country’s borders, promoting and sustaining the tourism industry and the natural resources that comprise it. The root of La Red is a network of pre-existing locally owned and operated transit, accommodation, and sight/activities. The funny thing is at this point in my travels I feel quite comfortable doing things on my own and wouldn’t really utilize a service like this, but if I were a first time traveler I would enthusiastically sign up! And that’s who I designed it for: first time travelers, young travelers, those who are enjoying their first trip outside first world countries.

What follows is an excerpt from the six page website I designed. I apologize for the blurriness of the images. If you click to enlarge, they are clear. My internet naiveté strikes again!

Honduras Tourism Website

Honduras Tourism Website

Honduras Tourism Website

Then, my favorite part, I created a series of ads for the service. These are postcard size inserts intended for travel and adventure magazines. After a summer in heavily developed Grand Cayman, I was struck by the raw beauty of traveling through Honduras and wanted to highlight the authenticity. The best part? They all feature my own photos from my time in Honduras.

Honduras Tourism Ads

Honduras Tourism Ads

Honduras Tourism Ads

Honduras Tourism Ads

Honduras Tourism Ads

You can see more of my design work on my portfolio website, or you can stay tuned for the next week as I share a few more of my favorite creations!

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2 responses to “When The Traveler Goes To Art School: La Red

  1. OMG I love love love your work! I’m absolutely impressed!!!

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