I Love Souvenirs

First off, I’d like to apologize for the dearth in posting that has been occurring and is likely to continue until my departure for The Great Escape. A few days ago I escaped New York in a U-Haul up towards Albany and I’m now making the final rounds of final to do lists and goodbyes. It’s a bittersweet time but I’m counting down to my departure every day. Sixteen days now!

vintage souvenir photo shoot

I don’t normally post about my life outside travel (there isn’t much, really!) but I wanted to share an amazing photo shoot I assisted on. This year I was lucky enough to work with two amazing small businesses, Rock Paper Scissors, an event design company, and Melangerie, a graphic design studio focusing on event invitations. With me as a sudden communal intern, a partnership was born and together we dreamed up a vintage road-trip themed wedding and photo shoot. Stylized photo shoots like these are incredibly popular in the wedding world as they allow creative professionals to really flex their imaginations and show clients just how clever they can be. And after working with these women for a good while now, I can assure you, they are an inspiration!

vintage souvenir shoot

Photos by Jen Huang

Since souvenirs and travel were the main motif of the shoot, I feel this is just travel related enough to be allowed on a travel blog. The shoot was published on Style Me Pretty, which is the top wedding blog for stylish brides from around the world. Check out the original posting here.

vintage souvenir shoot

vintage souvenir photo shoot

vintage souvenir photo shoot


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