Google Searchers Say The Darndest Things

One of my favorite things is logging onto WordPress and looking at my blog’s Dashboard. Checking out comments, seeing how many views I got and looking at the search terms that people used to find my little slice of the internet are a blogger and statistic lover’s heaven. While I’ve noticed my biggest draw from search engines is by far those looking for info on Utila, there have been other less predictable trends such as a spike in UFO related terms after my post on a certain dive site in the Bahamas. But the best by a landslide was the morning I logged in to see this:

search terms

 I wish I had the answer to this person’s question. Perhaps in the future I will name one of our motorcycle’s Turtle in honor of this internet searcher. Other greatest hits include: “iguana queen” and “are you part turtle.” Well, Google, keep sending the reptile related searches my way. I’m ready for them.


One response to “Google Searchers Say The Darndest Things

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