Malaysian Skies

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite as pretty as a Malaysia sunset. After a lovely day of exploring the snorkel spots of the islands Mark and I hiked through the overgrown path to Coral Bay, on the other side of the Perhentian Kecil. No roads or street lamps here, so we brought along the small flashlight that my mom had stuffed in my bag back home while I rolled my eyes.

Malaysian Skies

We found a restaurant with a nice deck raised off the sand and laughed at we flipped through the menu. Promises of Euro Bliss, Savory or Unsavory choices and oddly, a Nemo fish salad were all on offer.

Malaysian Menu

Malaysian Menu

While we indulged in a rare delicious western meal, we watched the sky turn from orange to purple to blue behind a landscape of clouds and islands in the distance. Boats docked up, fisherman pulled in the day’s final catches, and the sea was quiet.

Coral Bay Perhentian

This is one of my favorite photos of my entire trip to Asia. Someday I’d love to have it canvas wrapped, though with my vagabonding lifestyle I don’t know where I’d hang it.

Coral Bay Perhentian

But the peace did not last for long. Soon a storm began to brew in the distance. Throughout our journey to Malaysia I had been awed by the landscape again and again but what we were about to witness was truly the most amazing natural wonder my eyes have ever seen. Through the clear sky and total lack of light pollution we watched a lighting storm percolate and erupt, enclosed within a cloud system perched on the horizon.

I regret that the camera we had with us was woefully inadequate to capture what we saw, but I put together what footage we did have to give you some sort of idea. I apologize for the quality, and I wish it was a better representation of our experience, but I hope you’ll watch anyway!


8 responses to “Malaysian Skies

  1. Oh wow that video is incredible!!! And those 1st 2 pics, just gorgeous!

  2. no need to apologize—I “got the picture”–it’s beautiful !!

  3. The nemo salad is hilarious (though it does not look appetizing!)

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