All The Stuff I Didn’t Do in Vegas

Okay so I already spilled the beans: I was a lazy traveler in Vegas and exerted most of my energy dancing late into the night rather than during the day when these attractions are open. But since I can’t stand to let one of my precious listicles go to waste, I’ve compiled it here for future Vegas-goes. Here are all the things I didn’t do in Vegas. Starting with the free…

1. See the Sirens of TI Show at Treasure Island (FREE!)
This nightly show features pirate costumes, fake canons, and fireworks. They had me at free pirates. I did walk in en route to the disappointing buffet!

Treasure Island Las Vegas

2. MGM Lion Habitat (FREE!)
I think we’ve established that I’m a crazy animal lover, so it’s no surprise that I was thrilled by the idea of free live lion viewing. Still, somehow the closest I got were these gold replicas shot from the cab.

MGM Las Vegas

3. Bellagio Fountain Show (FREE!)
Okay, I lied. I accomplished on thing in Vegas, and this was it! Ever half hour from 3-8pm, and every 15 minutes until midnight, the Bellagio puts on a truly impressive water show to rotating music. We had a great time watching this on our way out one night, hence my unfountain-viewing like attire.

The Bellagio Fountain Show Las Vegas

The Bellagio Fountain Las Vegas

4. Silverton Aquarium (FREE!)

Okay, so not really a full blown aquarium but more of a 117,000 gallon tank with fish and sharks. But here’s the cool part: on Thursdays and Saturdays mermaids join then in the tank!

Fodors Las Vegas

And a few things I thought worth paying for… (but changed my mind)

5. Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay ($17)
Shark Reef is a true aquarium with a variety of tanks and attractions. I’m also fish crazy and love seeing aquariums in every city so hopefully I’ll make it back here someday.

6. Siegfried and Roy Garden ($15)
Another chance to see big game cats in Vegas, but this time the tigers are accompanied by a rotating roster of other exotic animals. We actually stood right outside this place, but then we were all, “Fifteen dollars! That’s like three quarters of a drink at Pure!” And then we passed. Should I be saying that on the internet?

7. NY NY Rollercoaster ($14 one ride or $25 all day pass)
This is my one big regret. I wanted to swirl around my home city’s big fake skyline on a roller coaster, gosh darn it! But at a whopping two hotels down from where I was staying, it was just a bit far, you know? I did snap this photo en route to the airport.

New York New York Las Vegas


3 responses to “All The Stuff I Didn’t Do in Vegas

  1. I never see everything I set out to see when I travel, but I look at it as a reason to return…

  2. If you ever get back there you can send me a postcard of whatever you go see. I have no intention of going there again….ever.

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