Letting Go in Sin City

It’s not what you think!



Bye bye cold New York! Less than a week after my return from the Bahamas, I was back on a plane headed for a trip of another variety entirely: a trip with three of my best friends from high school to a city I had been fantasizing about for years. I realize there are many people who can’t stand Vegas but as a lover of metropolises, dance music and all things kitsch I had a feeling I would feel right at home. It was a moment I had begun to doubt would ever occur. Between juggling our schedules, my hesitations about the cost of the trip, and then last minute drama over the weather and canceled flights, it seemed that the four of us would never get here. It was a maiden voyage to Vegas for three of us, and a second visit for a very enthusiastic Steve, who talked us out of getting a refund when our flights were canceled the second time.


Nevada Plane View


I had agonized and agonized over the cost of this short three night trip, and the month that could be spent on the beach in Thailand for that same amount of money. My stomach was in knots every time I added a charge for a flight or hotel to my tally. But I didn’t factor in that you just can’t accurately put a value on spending a weekend making memories with some of your oldest and best friends, and then spending a lifetime reliving them. As soon as I arrived my money worries melted away, and I became far more concerned with remembering every hilarious incident that occurred than recording every expense. I believe we would have had a good time if we went to Fargo, North Dakota, and for the time spent with friends it was the best value money could buy.


Las Vegas Airport


In addition to letting go of my money stresses I also let go of my need to be on the go. I’m a classic over planner who wants to see everything and do everything. I came armed with a guide-book and a to list and I was just itching to start scratching things off that to do list.

Las Vegas


Las Vegas


I accomplished a whopping one of them. (And don’t worry, it wasn’t “Get married by Elvis.” Though I considered it for the photo ops.) At some point I accepted it just wasn’t that kid of trip. Did I really want to put my aching dancing feet back into shoes and walk over to the MGM grand and look at lions when I could be lying in bed crying with laughter with my friends at a memory from the night before? For once I put the to do list away and focused on doing exactly whatever felt right at that moment.


Las Vegas Night

Las Vegas Day

So I supposed I took a very unbloggable trip. I couldn’t tell you the best show in Vegas, or the most fun attraction, or the greatest photo ops. But I can tell you that sometimes its worth it to go outside your normal, toss aside the guidebook, give the attractions a pass, splurge a little, and laugh harder than you ever thought possible. Sometimes what you need is not a trip but a vacation. And I can’t think of a better place, or a better group of people.

Las Vegas



4 responses to “Letting Go in Sin City

  1. I think Fargo feels dissed

  2. I need to return to Vegas. I hated it the 1st time I went, but I always like to give places a 2nd chance. Love your dress!

    • Thanks! I think a city like Vegas depends on your mood and the people you are with. I was lucky with both! Give it a second try 🙂

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