The Best Museum in the Caribbean

Okay, so perhaps I’ve only been to one other museum in the Caribbean. But what else could possibly top a repository of pirate memorabilia and a chance to take cheesy photos with an extra from The Black Pearl? Take that, Caribbean Museum of Boat Development!

Pirates of Nassau is located in downtown Nassau, walkable distance from the cruise ship terminal and Paradise Island. When you approach the building, prepare to be approached by costumed ticket takers who are surprisingly convincing and only break character to ask you what model SLR camera you are carrying.

Pirates of Nassau, Bahamas

Upon entering the building you are greeted by a life-size recreation of a pirate ship. Along with the accompanying soundtrack and and light show, it really does feel like you were in Nassau harbor as it was being pillaged by pirates. Well, you know, if Nassau harbour had drop ceilings and halogen lights.


Pirates of Nassau, Bahamas


Moving into the ship, we encountered life size dioramas and fact filled and educational signage.



I was surprised how big the building was, and I actually did learn about the original “true” pirates, including my liveaboard boat’s namesake, Blackbeard. In the last room there were genuine artifacts and antiques, as well as more information about Nassau’s deep connection to the pirate world. It lent an authentic air to the whole affair.


Pirates of Nassau Bahamas

My favorite part? I think its obvious: the photo ops. I would pay the admission price to play with these backdrops alone.

Pirates of Nassau Bahamas

Speaking of admission, at $12USD, it is not cheap. However if you’re in a silly mood with a fun group of friends, it could not be more well spent. And if you’re in Nassau for the week or even just for the day, Pirates of Nassau is a convenient stop due to its central location. And don’t forget to come armed with your camera specs for the guys holding a gun to your head.




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