Breaking It Down at Crazy Johnny’s in Nassau

Bahamas Day 6 & 7

My week on Blackbeard’s happened to have a very young group, but there were a few great exceptions of older people on the boat who were super fun and very inspiring to me… I really hope I stay young at heart as I grow older and I love meeting examples of people who live that way.

Case in point: As we pulled into port, one of the guys traveling with his college age daughter decided he wasn’t ready for the party to end. He announced via a performance of La Macarena that he would be hosting a dance contest at Crazy Johnny’s, with a prize of $2oo!

Even with that great incentive most people only put down the names of their protesting friends, with one exception, obvious to anyone who knows him. Introducing my boyfriend:

Crazy Johnny's Nassau

Crazy Johnny's Nassau

Crazy Johnny's Bahamas

Me with the winner

I don’t think I even need to recap my embarrassing choreographed duet performance with chef Jess, when Mark so obviously killed it on the dance floor. Mark has a knack for contests (he won a free flight to Toronto when we lived in Cayman!) as well as some great moves, so I was not surprised when he was announced winner.

It was a great night hanging out with the crew and passengers that I had come to call friends over the week. Since we returned mid-week, the bar opened especially for us after a call from the Captain, and it only enhanced the feeling that we were throwing ourselves the best goodbye party ever.

The next morning, it was time for a lot of goodbyes. While I had made plans to explore Nassau with some of those with later flights, most people were headed to the airport right away. This week I expected to do a lot of diving, reading and writing, but I never considered I would leave with so many new friends and great memories.

Blackbeard's Bahamas

Blackbeard's Bahamas


One response to “Breaking It Down at Crazy Johnny’s in Nassau

  1. Hey, if you think Mark’s dancing is embarrassing, what about those white sunglasses!!! Get that guy some manly shades!

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