Blue Holes and Rope Swings

Bahamas Day 6

Waking up this morning I cannot believe we arrive in port today. At times it seemed we would be on this boat forever but today it seems to be going by too fast. We’re closer to Nassau now and the water is much, much colder but I can’t resist one last dive. The site is one of Bahamas famous “blue holes,” a circular vertical cave that sinks below the ocean floor. The water was so cold when I jumped in I was sure I wouldn’t make it more than a few minutes. As we approached the hole itself I was shocked how large it was and also how blue. It was quite dark and with the lack of light there was also a lack of life, and after circumnavigating the hole once we were ready to explore the surroundings of the edge of the hole, but not before spotting this grumpy guy. I really need to get a strobe! I hate the look of my flash.

Blue Hole Diving Bahamas

As soon as we reached the top, I spotted this yellow spotted stingray and I was so excited! Despite all my stingray experience in Grand Cayman I’ve never seen this variety. It was about the size of a dinner plate and surprisingly cute!

Blue Hole Diving Bahamas

And once he got sick of playing with me and swam away, who did I spot but my old friend, the southern stingray. These girls are much, much bigger. But you know what? You shouldn’t be scared. ‘Cause they are like big puppies.

Southern Stingray Bahamas

I really loved this dive site! There was so much life. One of the things I miss about diving in Asia is the huge schools of fish at every site. Diving on this side of the world has huge advantages, such as amazing colors and coral, but you don’t usually get these big beautiful schools.

Blue Hole Diving Bahamas

Speaking of diving in Asia, I at this point I spotted a batfish! I haven’t seen one in a year and a half, and didn’t even know they existed here. It is not an exaggeration to say that I stalked this fish. It was painful to narrow it down to just these three to post!

batfish spadefish
batfish spadefish

The water was cold but the life was plentiful, and that made this dive amazing. It was such a great feeling to end the diving portion of this trip on such a high note!

As soon as I dried off, I starting hearing splashes. Turns out, just because its the last day doesn’t mean anyone is taking it easy!

Blackbeard's Cruises

Blackbeard's Cruises

I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t get on the swing! It looked so, so fun but I was so, so warm! I just could  not manage to force myself to plunge back into that ice cold water. But it was so much fun to laugh with and cheer everyone, it really brought home what a  group we had all become in such a short period of time.

The excitement was palpable as we pulled into the dock, and with plans for a night at Crazy Johnny’s Bar, a dance contest, and a day in Nassau, this trip was far from over.


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