A Perfect Bahamas Boat Day

Bahamas Day 4 Part II

After touring The Island School, we walked back to the dock and I thought, well, that whole boat thing was fun. Wait, I have to get back on? But the beach is here! Well, I suppose this is a boat trip.

I found myself desperately wanting contact with the outside world, and decided to cough up the $10 for internet even though we were leaving in 45 minutes. Of course the minute I put in my credit card info connection was cut and I was left in a sour mood. Not a great start to the afternoon.


Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas



Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas


I skipped the first dive to do some writing and reading, and I was down in the cabin when Mark yelled down to me that there were dolphins next to the boat. It was amazing! There was a smaller boat behind us and soon they left us to play with them. Truly wonderful sight.


Dolphins, Bahamas

Dolphins, Bahamas


After being revitalized by the show of nature I decided to hop in for the late afternoon dive and was just blown away by the light.  It was a shallow site and the sun was hitting the surface at the perfect angle. Below on the right is one of my favorite dive photos, ever.

Diving Bahamas


This photo sums up what is so frustrating about dive photography. If this fish’s tail was at just slightly a different angle, this would be a great shot!


Diving Bahamas

On the way up I snapped this shot of the dingy floating in front of the setting sun. I didn’t think much of it at the time but when I posted it on Facebook it got more comments than any other photo in the album! Now I look at it a little differently.

Diving Bahamas

By the time I was watching the sunset I couldn’t believe I had started the day not wanting to get back on the boat. Playing dolphins, an amazing dive, and a breathtaking sunset… I wish I had something clever or funny to say here, but alas, It was just one of those kind of perfect days.



Bahamas Sunset




3 responses to “A Perfect Bahamas Boat Day

  1. i want to go to the Bahamas!!!!!

  2. I have a suddden yen for going to the Bahamas

  3. Definitely the perfect Bahamian day, wow! The light under the water and those dolphins…magical!!!

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