Cliff Jumping and UFO Sighting

Bahamas Day 3 Diving

Once again I’m placing my underwater photos in a separate post, as there are quite a few of them. These were my last dives before the new year, and what a year its been for me and the underwater world. I’ve dove in the Bahamas, Bay Islands (Honduras), and the Cayman Islands, as well as taking my first underwater photos and video footage. Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings for diving!

[Dive 3: Cut Through City Wall]

I was super excited about this dive as it was the first wall dive of the trip. And I LOVE wall dives. Swimming over the edge of an underwater cliff, free-falling in infinite space… It’s the adrenaline of jumping off a cliff, without all the death-y repercussions. However I wasn’t blown away by this site. I was starting to get a bit discouraged that Bahamas diving couldn’t stack up to what I have been so lucky to see in the past.

Bahamas Diving

Bahamas Diving

Bahamas Diving


[Dive 4: Cobia Cage]

Um, yeah. That disappointment I was feeling after dive number three? It was about to become a thing of the past.

Cobia Cage Bahamas Diving

I was considering sitting this dive out but after hearing there is a spaceship in the water I start listening to the briefing a bit more closely. As I reluctantly suit up I learn the “spaceship” is actually a massive netted cage going down 85’ shaped like a UFO, used by researchers to breed and study cobia fish. As I’m standing on the edge of the boat in full gear I hear the captain saying the cage is currently abandoned because bull sharks keep ripping open the netting, releasing all the fish! As I open my mouth to voice my concerns my dive buddy hits the water with a splash and it’s too late.

Cobia Cage Bahamas Diving

Immediately I’m so glad I did. While with the visibility its hard to get a photo showing how massive this structure was, you can get a feel for the size and shape in the photos above. And with one eye out for bull sharks and one eye on the cage, I was able to spot tons of life, from the inch long  fire worm on the left to the massive bumphead parrotfish on the right.

Cobia Cage Bahamas Diving

Cobia Cage Bahamas Diving

It was an amazing dive. Everywhere I looked there was something going on. Just swimming out from the cage to a coral head, I looked up and there was this teeny tiny crab floating through open water. He was about as big as my fingertip and such an amazing find.

Cobia Cage Bahamas Diving

I’m happy to report it was a bull shark free dive and I had thus survived four dives in the Bahamas without so much as a fin sighting. This last sight was the perfect sight to end 2010 on, and to get excited about our remaining days at sea!


5 responses to “Cliff Jumping and UFO Sighting

  1. wonderful pictures and quite a year for you young lady!!!

  2. Awww, I miss the Bahamas! Honestly, I’ve dived in more than a dozen countries–from the Caribbean to Australia, Asia and the South Pacific–and I think the Bahamas has some of the best dive sites of anywhere. I’m particularly a fan of the Abacos–Green Turtle Cay has excellent dive sites around. The Exumas do, too!

    • I have to admit I wasn’t as blown away as I hoped to be… but I’m kind of spoiled after spending the summer in the Cayman Islands. So convenient to the US and such an amazing variety of sites! On second thought it probably had much to do with the fact that it was FREEZING and I hate wearing wetsuits!

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