Putting My Passport Back to Use

The four and a half months since I left Cayman have flown by so quickly and so jam packed I barely had a chance to get itchy feet. But when I kissed our island life goodbye and returned to the big city, Mark just moved to another job and another country: the Bahamas. He’s been working hard on a budget live aboard diving boat that sails weekly from Nassau. It was a great move for him (and for me) as it is more flexible, better pay, and more time off. He’s been to New York to visit me twice now, and its finally my turn to come down to the Bahamas to visit him and experience my first live aboard!

Grand Cayman

I’m apprehensive about the weather, motion sickness, sharks, lack of space, showers, and being away from the phone and internet for a week. But I’m excited about getting away from the snow, getting back in the water, spending time with my boyfriend and using my two big Christmas gifts: a new camera lens and a new pair of fins.

Side note: This is my 100st post! Big changes coming up for this blog, and I keep thinking it would have been great to announce the plans on such a momentous post number, but such is life. Something to look forward to!


4 responses to “Putting My Passport Back to Use

  1. OMG can’t wait wait to read about this experience!!!

  2. very nice Alex – I will always be jealous of your travels, even though I’ve been to so many places myself.

  3. Amazing Photo’s Alex keep it up!

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