Welcome to the Diving Family

One of my cousin Kirsten and her husband Adrian’s reasons for coming to Cayman (other than to go out on a pirate boat and watch as I had far too much to drink (oops)) was to complete their open water certifications. Being frequent Hawaii visitors, they both had tried out diving and while Adrian felt comfortable, Kirsten had had a bad first experience and was a bit nervous.

Open Water Grand Cayman

They completed the coursework online before coming down, so all they had to do was their pool checkout dives and four open water dives. Kirsten did have some initial hesitation with the first boat dive but between her being a great student and Mark being a great teacher we were all underwater soon.

Open Water Grand Cayman

I was able to go along for their checkout dives and make a video, which was so much fun for me. It is truly a joy to watch the people you love falling in love with the things that you love. This is my favorite video of the summer, and I think I can really see how far I have come with underwater videography. I obviously have so much more to learn and I think it could take years to truly master the art but I have had such an experience just getting to this point. There has been a lot of self-doubt and frustration but as Mark reminds me, if it was easy it wouldn’t be so fun. It’s a long one, turn up the speakers and enjoy.


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