A Lovely Two Bedroom with a View and a Conch Exterior

Cayman isn’t exactly a place ripe for “exploring.” Sure you can drive around, but you really aren’t going to find anything not in your guidebook. So imagine my surprise when Mark and I, en route to replace a tire on the bike for inspection, stumbled upon this:

Cayman Conch Shell House

Of course this required a pull over and full investigation, as well as a justification for bringing my camera along to a bike inspection. What does a conch shell house look like, you ask? A little something like this:

Cayman Conch Shell House

Cayman Conch Shell House

There was a small plaque letting us now that there are in fact residents in the house, but they don’t mind photos or people poking around. When I got back home I did a little research and found the house is made up of a whopping 4,000 conch shells and dates back to 1935 when it was used as a bomb depot by the US Navy. No word on the bomb-shell correlation. Ha! Pun fun strikes again.

Any Cayman-goers looking to snap a photo of something not listed in their guidebook can head to the Caribbean Electric Company and look across the street.


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