Goodbye Utila, Goodbye Honduras!

Oh my goodness. Sunjam Recovery is no joke and lasted more or less the entire day Sunday. There was one outing to find “American breakfast” which ended in obvious failure and something very close to tears. What can I say, pancakes seem to cure a hangover in a way rice and beans just can’t. This is what the concession meal looked like.

Post Sunjam

Other than that fun filled excursion the day was spent trying to catch up on sleep, something that is surprisingly difficult to do in the blazing heat of day with nothing but a plastic fan to try to keep the body temperature below boiling. Before we knew it it was Monday morning and time to leave to catch our flights! It was a very delayed boat ride and when we got off the girls were in quite the rush to get their cab but we still snagged this one goodbye photo first!

Backpacking Honduras

Mark and I still had plenty of time to kill however so we headed to La Ceiba town to check out a park and send some postcards. Lonely Planet hailed this particular patch of grass as “the prettiest city park in all of Honduras” so how could we not check that out? Interestingly, it was a gift from The Standard Fruit Company (Dole) to Honduras, I suppose as a show of gratitude. Did you know the term Banana Republic was first coined in reference to Honduras? I started to do some reading into the history of the banana industry in Central America and it left me with some mixed feelings.

Swinford Park, La Ceiba, Honduras
Swinford Park, La Ceiba, Honduras


Swinford Park, La Ceiba, Honduras

I loved the local graffiti! The park was small and buggy but definitely worth a stop. After a swing by the post office we were on our way to the airport, where thankfully we arrived early considering the xray machine was either broken or non existant since they unpacked and hand searched the luggage of each and every flight passenger! Lets hope the TSA doesn’t adopt this policy anytime soon.

And with that we were off, back to Cayman. It might sound silly as we were gone two full weeks, but the trip went by in a flash! Now that we are spoiled with super long stays, two weeks barely feels like enough anymore. I guess I can rule out corporate America for a career path.

Until next time, Central America. I’ll miss you.


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