Road Trip!

Even with such a short visit, I really wanted to show my Dad and sister the other side of the island away from Seven Mile Beach. Its such a different experience its like visiting another island. I recommended my Dad rent a car and never one to let sunny weather pass by unenjoyed, he rolled up in a convertible! So we planned a road trip.

We started our journey with a trip to Pure Art, a great alternative to busy Georgetown for great souvenirs, followed by lunch on the water at Sunset House, where I ran into a family I had just done a private video for. They had just gotten the delivery and were thrilled with it. I rarely get the chance to talk to people after the trip so it was so great to have some feedback. After lunch we hit the road and after some nice top down time we arrived at our first stop, Pedro St. James. I wrote a separate post about that which you can read here.

After all the culture and knowledge our brains needed frying so we headed up to our favorite getaway, Rum Point, where my Dad and Olivia took advantage of the hammocks and beach chairs and Mark and I went wild with my new camera. As it was the first time using it we weren’t getting anything great, not to mention that despite what the guidebooks say, there is nothing much to see in the water at Rum Point! Everywhere lists it as a great snorkel but there is no coral! Note to Fodors: a shallow body of water does not a good snorkel spot make. Other things are required, ie: coral, fish, etc. Moving on, as we were coming in, I swam towards the dock, hoping maybe some fish got lost and were hanging out under there when I realized the dark shape I was approaching was the largest barracuda I had ever seen in my life! I was actually too intimidated to get too close to it but floated around for a while, using Mark as a barracuda shield.

As it got late we headed to a place I’ve been dying to go for a while: Starfish Point. Its not marked on maps and there are no signs, but after sniffing around and asking some questions I got the location. Expecting endless starfish as far as the eye could see, I was a bit disappointed when we saw a measly two, but there were beautiful!

Starfish hunters!

We were really looking forward to the culmination of our perfect day, the kayaking tour to see the bioluminescence in the south sound.  Sadly as we were eating dinner nearby the sky opened up and the rain didn’t stop, so the tour got cancelled. I’m vowing to do it before I leave though, mark my words! Kayaking or no kayaking, I was still so glad we took the time to come up to the North side and explore another part of the island. I’m also glad the convertible has a top.


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