My Own Sister Doesn’t Read My Blog

Not too long ago both my Dad and sister descended upon Cayman for a long weekend of fun in the sun with their own built in destination expert (that would be me). Over the next few days you’ll see lots of posts about all the things we crammed into one weekend- and there was still time for lounging by the pool and the sea. While the weather wasn’t the greatest, I had such a good time showing off my home for the summer and having fellow tourists to do all the touristy things with. My dad was very on top of it and recognized many things from my blog. My sister on the other hand told me she hadn’t really been reading along yet, since she was planning on “waiting until the end of the summer… and reading it like a book.”

Sure. Well now I know I can post whatever I want about her! Olivia, the stingrays say you smelled. Dad, thanks for coming.

Just kidding, it was great to see them both.


One response to “My Own Sister Doesn’t Read My Blog

  1. I WANTED to read it like a book because I knew the suspense between posts would be too much to handle…. its like buying a tv series on dvd so you dont have to wait an entire week between episodes.

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