Arggg Matey!

Cayman nightlife can be a bit lacking. Drinks are expensive, bars close at midnight on Saturdays (alcohol can’t be sold on Sundays) and the crowds can be underwhelming. But there are a few beacons in the night, and one of them is the Valhalla. The Cayman Islands are pirate crazy, there are big pirate statues throughout Georgetown, two different tourist pirate boats in the waters and one of the biggest celebrations of the year is the uncharacteristically hedonistic Pirate’s Week. So the Valhalla sunset cruise combines the island’s passion for pirates with our passion for unlimited rum punch and wearing eye patches. Win win.

Cayman Islands Pirates

This was our third attempt this summer to get on the boat, the prior two tries being rained out. With red bandanas, eye patches and temporary tattoos in hand, we descended upon the deck, pleading with the skies not to open up. The weather behaved, and we spent a lovely evening running about poking each other with plastic swords.

Cayman Islands Pirates

Cayman Islands Pirates

For any visitors to Cayman, the tree hour open bar sunset cruise is 30 CI and leaves from Georgetown at about 5:30. I highly recommend, but don’t accept responsibility to any karaoke sang after walking the plank.

Cayman Islands Pirates

Cayman Islands Pirates


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