Headshots for Everyone!

So last December, as Mark and I were taking on the task of applying to every dive resort in the entire Caribbean, one of the hardest parts was finding an acceptable photo of Mark in which he didn’t have a beer in his hand. Side note- doesn’t it seem weird that you are required to send a photo along with your application? I’m pretty sure that’s ten kinds of illegal in the US, but I guess the dive industry makes its own rules. Anyway, this summer we both made it a goal to take some decent shots for next time we break the CV out. It just so happened my Mom was in need of a headshot for her new blog, Project Hope. And what do you know, Cathy needed some updates photos as well. So we took a trip down to Smith’s Cove to take headshots for everyone!

My own flash-less camera was just not going to cut it for this, so Heather generously lent me her two cameras, lenses, and flashes. Unfortunately I had never used a Nikon before in my life and kept overheating the flashes so it was a little frustrating for me, but I think there’s a good shot of everyone in there. Also unfortunately,  I left the session with some aching camera envy over the picture quality and range of Heather’s lenses. It was a fun preview though to the happy days of shooting I have ahead of me when the budget allows for some upgraded lenses. Someday!




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