Governer’s Beach Wedding

This photo shoot was at a new location for me along Seven Mile, Governor’s Beach. It was framed by seagrape plants and casuarina trees and the sea. The very low key couple walked over hand in hand from their hotel down the beach and after the ceremony wouldn’t take no for an answer and shared their champagne with all of us, which was really just Heather, the minister and me. This shoot was a bit later than usual and was a technically really difficult shoot for me with the low light. I walked away not really sure if I had anything at all and thinking it might be the first shoot I wouldn’t blog. But I found a few keepers and was pleasantly surprised!

Grand Cayman Caribbean Wedding

Grand Cayman Caribbean Wedding

Not a technically strong photo, but I love the moment

Grand Cayman Caribbean Wedding


One response to “Governer’s Beach Wedding

  1. I really like these. The flowers are so vibrant

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