The Faces Behind the Voices

This was a really fun and unusual shoot. Z99 is one of Cayman’s most active radio stations, showing up at community events all across the island with a very visible presence. So when they asked Heather if she would do some publicity shots for them in exchange for website and radio advertising, she knew it would be great exposure. I love the idea of working for trade and think its a great way for new businesses to get their name out there and forge relationships in the community. Its interesting to shoot people with these very big personalities who are usually used to being heard but not seen. We returned to Camana Bay for more great settings, but this time with a totally different feel. It was a technically challenging shoot for me because it was extremely bright and there were tons of harsh shadows, but I think I managed a few good shots. As always, click to enlarge.

How amazing are these shadows?


One response to “The Faces Behind the Voices

  1. Too bad Senior Whole Health is not in the Caymans. We could hire you to do headshots of some our members for our fall advertising campaign. Gary Gold is helping us out.

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