Another Beautiful Beach Wedding

Another week, another lovely wedding at the Westin. The shoot went swimmingly and I got some beautiful, crisp, vibrant images. Unfortunately I can’t seem to show them to you. I have lost hours to google searches, failed tests, forum queries and eating ice cream in what has become the latest episode of Me v. Technology. (The ice cream is for soothing my wounded and tired brain, in case that wasn’t clear.) The problem? I can’t get wordpress to display my images the way that they appear on my desktop, in photoshop, in preview, or in any other viewing device. They are duller in color and contrast, as if someone has put a white film over them. It seems it is a known problem but no suggested solutions thus far have worked for me. Its extremely frustrating because I love showing my work here but I never feel like I am getting to show the “real deal.” I know I have good work, but in this digital age, photographs exist more on computer screens than they do on paper, so is my work only as good as I can get it to look here? I’m going to keep researching and testing (and eating ice cream) but in the meantime, I’ll continue to post and you all can do me a favor and picture these a little more vibrant, a little more juicy, and a little more fun until I can get this sorted out, or if you’re lucky, I can show you in person some day.

I love this end-of-ceremony shot on the right

favorite shot of the day


One response to “Another Beautiful Beach Wedding

  1. I am sure you will find a solution. These look lovely as they are

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