First Wedding

Don’t worry- not mine. This was my first wedding second shooting and it was fantastic! It was a full on island wedding with 90 guests and a full catholic mass- aka my feet were hurting at the end of it. It was a last minute wedding- the couple moved the entire wedding from Jamaica to Cayman in four days due to the violence going on in Kingston. I couldn’t believe how laid back they were about the whole thing! But it was our gain because it was a great wedding and fun to shoot.

It taught me how badly I really need to buy an on camera flash. I’ve resisted because a) I love natural light and b) I’m cheap, but there is no way I would be able to be the first shooter on a wedding and get the shots needed without one. For second shooting it was okay, just frustrating when I couldn’t jump in! I also forgot to fully charge my battery like an idiot and missed out on the last hour of shooting. Will never make that mistake again! Here are a few of my favorite shots, congrats Sherice and Derek!

Cutest flower girls!

Flower girl focusing at ceremony

Husband and wife!

Real Housewives of Cayman

Spotted: Cayman hipsters! They do exist!

Smiling bride


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