Aquariums and Crazy Cabbies

Our last day in Kuala Lumpur was planned with military like precision. We had a very small window in which we could get tickets to the Petronas Towers, followed by a few free hours and then another small window in which to pick up Mark’s visa and catch a bus to the Cameron Highlands.

Who needs to go in when you can stand in front?

Once again we woke up at an ungodly hour and braved public transit to the towers, where we rushed up to the visitor’s desk to find out tickets were sold out for the day! Most of them had been presold to school groups and the rest were in even higher demand due to the holiday the day before. So we accepted it wasn’t in the cards for us and headed across the courtyard to the aquarium. If you are aquarium people, and we certainly are, this one will not disappoint. There is an underwater tunnel, interactive touch tanks and tons of exotic fish we hoped to spot in the wild once we reached the islands! The best part was a show at the large animal tank at the end where divers went down to feed the animal and had Mark drooling with jealousy and declaring it his dream job.


After getting our underwater fix we still had time to kill so we headed into the mall that sits in the base of the Petronas Towers. All I could think was the damage my kid sister could do in that place. It was unlike any mall I’ve ever seen before, all high end luxury stores and gleaming food courts without a cinnabon in sight. The main patrons seemed to be women in full burkas, which explained the window displays of mainly shoes and purses.

Suddenly it was Go Time and we walked as fast as the heat would allow to the embassy, praying for short enough lines to allow us to catch our bus to the Cameron Highlands, as we had truly had enough of the urban heat. It took a bit longer than anticipated so we were forced to break our cheap streak and take a cab, but boy was it worth it since we happened to land the Craziest Cabbie of all Times. What follows is the inauguration of video on this blog, and I can’t think of a better occasion.

If only we had thought to start recording earlier you would have been treated to even better gems, but this at least gives you an idea of the crazy that we were assaulted with for our twenty-minute cab ride. With moments to spare we made it to the “bus stop,” really just a side alley, and with harrowing memories of the bathroomless buses in Cambodia I darted into a nearby restaurant to use the bathroom, leaving Mark once stressed to the maximum convincing a bus driver not to leave while his girlfriend was looking around for somewhere to empty her bladder. But as usual things went our way at the last minute and soon we were on the road again, headed happily to cooler climate.

Another day, another bus


3 responses to “Aquariums and Crazy Cabbies

  1. Alex, when I was in Kuala Lampur I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the opposite side of the mall from the Petronis Towers.

    • thetravelingturtle

      Well, if you go back a post or two you can see that we stayed in similarly luxurious accommodations.

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