Exploring KL

Our main objective for our first full day in Malaysia was to get to the Thai embassy so Mark could apply for his visa. Again too cheap to pay for a cab, we took the skytrain as close as we could get and then walked the rest of the way to the embassy where we waited in lines and held our breath and found out we could pick up the visa the very next day! This was great news as we were antsy already to get out of the city. We then tried to visit the nearby Petronas Towers but were told it was closed on Mondays, so we vowed to see them tomorrow and headed to the Lake Gardens Park.

” Just a few hundred metres from busy Chinatown, the urban landscape gives way to sculpted parks and dense tropical jungle. Covering 92 hectares, the Lake Gardens were created during the colonial era as an urban retreat where the British administrators could escape the hurly burly of downtown.” Via Lonely Planet

There are many different attractions within the Lake Gardens, and we started out at the Butterfly Gardens. It was very impressively landscaped and also featured long necked turtles and other reptiles. We had a great time and learned a lot about the creepy crawlies to come as we ventured into the country. I had one moment of unsettlement when I looked around us and realized I was the only woman I could see not wearing a full veil. Even more odd, every man that accompanied them looked like they were coming out of a mall in New Jersey wearing Ed Hardy baseball caps. It was definitely an out of body experience and we received as many stares as we gave out.

Mark getting camera jealous

Just as we were leaving the gardens I lined up a photograph and didn’t hear a click- my camera was dead! I was devastated. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten to charge the battery. We left the Butterfly Garden and walked around the massive grounds a bit more, passing beautiful mosques and gardens before arriving at the star attraction, the KL Bird Park. However after seeing the price and factoring in my dead camera we gave it a miss- maybe next time! After consulting a map we located what looked to be some sort of food place and headed in that direction. I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe something on par with the Bronx Zoo cafeteria? Well when we arrived we found a cement hut with picnic tables around it. I was skeptical but we were starving so we gave it a go. No menus, no signs, someone just handed us a plate and with much confusion we pointed to the buckets of what we wanted. Somehow Mark ended up out the back of the building having his plate loaded up with fish fresh of a fire pit as well. When we got to the picnic tables we slowly looked around and noticed something- everyone was eating with their hands! We laughed, shrugged, and went for it. One of the servers watched us with amusement for a few minutes before finally giving us some forks and bowls of water to rinse our hands in, but we were quite proud of ourselves for giving it a go.

Back in Chinatown and with a refreshed battery I walked around exploring the neighborhood we were staying in. I loved the fresh flowers everywhere and the slightly decaying look of the buildings. Definitely a strong contrast to sleek and modern downtown.


Look familiar?

PS: Have you ever wondered what an asian squat toilet looks like? You’re welcome.


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