Beach Cows and Guard Pigs

Labeled as "Ko Tunsay" on map

Luckily I didn’t drag my Dad all the way to the coast for just a lackluster beach. Just a short boat ride off the coast lies the island of Ko Tonsay, a seriously underdeveloped and rustic island with clear water and calm surf. Its possible to stay the night for in a beachfront villa for the bargain price of $5, but the lack of electricity kept this in the day trip category for those of us who just cant get over the luxury of flush toilets and bedside lamps.

Wow! Toilet Paper!

Just some beach cows

I had read that its possible to hike around the island in about three hours, so we thought we’d feel it out before getting too settled on the beach. The undefined trail had us feeling like we were in an episode of Lost, and when the trail turned into what appeared to be the front yard of one of the seven families on the island, protected by a very menacing guard pig, we were waved through by the smiling residents. This must be a daily occurrence for these people, but they didn’t seem affected in the least. Once again it seems the idea of personal property and privacy, of the differentiation between private and public space, is not a top priority for Cambodians.

The guard pig!

Where the walk brought us...

When we finally turned around and retreated, we spent the rest of the day reading in the hammock (me), eating fresh crab from the sea (Dad) and enjoying the sun and the beach (both), interrupted only by the occasional beach cow. Just a typical day on a Cambodian beach.

It is the Gulf of Thailand after all...


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