For any future readers or travelers who stumble upon this, I want to make a note, and a confession. All entries from this point forward will be post-dated. See that date when this was supposedly posted? Its now many months later. I regret that while in Southeast Asia, backpacking and traveling on my own for the first time, I got swept up in the excitement of it all and let my writing slip to the wayside. Luckily I continued to document diligently with photographs, which will help me now as I try to go back and finish what I started. Why now? I’ve started to feel some of the memories slipping away. Not the big things, but the day to day stuff, and those are the bits I hold most dear. Also, I am beginning to see that travel is going to pay a bigger part in my life than I ever could have hoped, and I would like a complete record of the trip that more or less inspired it all. Next time I travel I will certainly take this as a lesson and be more diligent.

Anyway, I feel that postdating will be the best way to make this record accurate. Hopefully what is lost in blogging all these months later will be made up for by the time I’ve now had to reflect and see how deeply those days abroad have changed me.

So stay tuned!


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