Koh Nang Yuan: A Vacation from Vacation

Justine and I decided to reward our hard work with a day trip to Koh Nang Yuan, a miniscule island blip on the northwest side of Koh Tao. Be warned, its a private island with one resort that takes advantage of its monopoly on the island. Still, there are ways to do it on the cheap. Read on for the (un)Official Guide to Daytripping in Koh Nang Yuan:

1. Hire a longtail to take you to the island. Refuse to pay for a return fare in advance as you have no way to ensure the drivers return, making the driver very angry. Annoy the only other unfriendly looking passenger by asking him to facilitate a photoshoot.

2. Make sure the unfriendly looking passenger actually turns out to be a dive instructor at the islands one resort and waives you in as “students,” saving you the 100 baht island entrance fee.

3. Rent snorkels and elbow the Japanese tourists out of the way to get in first. Last no more than ten minutes before your realize there are bigger and better things out there for you, such as…

4. Laying on the narrow strip of sand like beached whales.

5. Become restless and tempted by the section of the island labeled “restricted.” Decide this does not apply to you and clamor around the rickety pathways until hunger take over.

6. Take one  look at the island’s only restaurant’s overpriced menu and decide on ice cream for lunch. Pretend this is for monetary reasons.

7.  Drag your sun burnt and tired body up to the island’s viewpoint. Its worth it.


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