My mom is afraid I will be kidnapped and never heard from again. I’m afraid I will have to eat dinner in a restaurant by myself. You know that scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where the main character asks for a table for one and the horrified host asks if he wants a magazine? Because he’s worried that the guy will be bored? Thats my biggest fear. On planet earth. Well, after sharks.


My dad is afraid I’ll lose my camera. I’m afraid I won’t be able to upload pictures once I’m away and this entire blog will be a fail.


My sister is afraid  Thailand is a third world country where electricity is scarce and machetes are required to cut through the rainforest. I’m afraid of never making it off the tourist trail and experiencing the real Thailand and Cambodia.


Tucker is afraid without me there to nag everyone about his weight he will become even more obese and unhealthy.


Oh wait. Thats me.


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